Gene Partnership May be Key to Cancer’s Spread

posted on August 11, 2014

A paper co-authored by several MSI PIs reveals a relationship between a key cancer-causing gene and another nearby gene that could have implications for treating the disease. The cancer gene, MYC, appears to pair up with one of its neighbors, which allows MYC to spread. The paper appeared in the prestigious journal Nature. The lead author of the paper is PI Anindya Bagchi, an assistant professor in the Department of Genetics, Cell Biology, and Development (College of Biological Sciences; Medical School) and member of the Masonic Cancer Center. The paper is discussed on the U’s Discover blog

Professor Bagchi is using MSI for his research investigating genetics in breast cancer. He was recently interviewed by the College of Biological Sciences (CBS) about his work with students who are discovering the excitement of doing research and making discoveries. The interview can be found on the CBS-Connect blog

Co-authors on the Nature paper include several other MSI PIs: Professor David Largaespada, Assistant Professor Yasuhiko Kawakami, and Associate Professor York Marahrens (all Genetics, Cell Biology, and Development - CBS; Medical School), and Assistant Professor Kathryn Schwertfeger (Laboratory Medicine and Pathology - Medical School). Professors Largaespada and Schwertfeger are also members of the Masonic Cancer Center; Professor Kawakami is a member of the Stem Cell Institute