Inclusive Authorship

Ecology and Environment

The Nutrient Network, NutNet, is an international research collaboration studying the effect of nutrients on grasslands. They have extensive experience publishing papers with numerous authors. The NutNet group recently published a new framework for writing these papers, a method that reduces barriers to meaningful participation for all authors. The paper describing their methods was published in Methods in Ecology and Evolution: Writing a massively authored paper: Overcoming barriers to meaningful authorship for all.  MSI PIs Elizabeth Borer (professor, Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior) and Eric Seabloom (professor, Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior) and collaborators from NutNet authored the paper. Professors Borer and Seabloom are two of the co-founders of NutNet.

A story about this paper appears on the U of M News website: Inclusive authorship reduces barriers to participation.

MSI supports NutNet by helping manage and maintain plant, soil, climate, and genomics data collected in the globally distributed NutNet experiment.