Itasca Expansion

MSI is augmenting the capabilities of Itasca with an addition of 51 Intel SandyBridge nodes. The expansion includes 39 nodes with 16 cores per node, 64 GB of memory, and a 146 GB hard drive. There are also eight nodes with 128 GB of memory and 8 nodes with 256 GB of memory. The higher-memory nodes will also include larger local disk drives of 600 GB each. The larger memory and large local disk nodes target users with greater demands of per-core of node memory and also users who need large local scratch drives. All new nodes will use Itasca's Infiniband fabric and high-performance Lustre storage system.


Users wishing to take advantage of these nodes will need to have a current Service Unit (SU) allocation or obtain an SU allocation from MSI. Please see the MSI Allocations page for more information on requesting SU allocations.