Lake Superior Warming Faster Than Other Lakes

Ecology and Environment

Research by MSI PI Jay Austin (professor, Physics and Astronomy, UMN Duluth; Large Lakes Observatory, UMN Duluth) is featured in a story by CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) News, discussing the warming of Lake Superior due to climate change. Professor Austin will be attending a climate-change symposium in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada later this month.

The article, which includes an audio interview, can be found on the CBC website: Lake Superior Among the Fastest Warming Lakes in the World, U.S. Researcher Says.

Professor Austin uses MSI for two projects: one examines lake thermal structure and ice formation, and the other is developing a modeling framework for the St. Louis Estuary/Duluth Harbor/Lake Superior coupled system and a hydrodynamic modeling platform within which to study circulation, thermal structure, and the interaction of these bodies of water.