MSI Demos at Minnesota State Fair

On August 28, MSI participated in the Medical Devices Center booth in the University of Minnesota building at the 2008 Minnesota State Fair. Nancy Rowe, a Scientific Visualization Consultant on the MSI User Support staff, showed fair-goers three-dimensional visualizations of human skeletal and circulation systems and a fly-through of a human heart.

The MDC, a state-of-the-art facility for researchers designing, prototyping, and testing new medical devices, uses MSI resources to achieve its mission. The Center's Director, Professor Arthur Erdman (Department of Mechanical Engineering) is a Principal Investigator at MSI.

The University News Service has an item about the Center's Grand Opening and Open House, including a video. The video includes a clip of a simulation of a "fly-through" of a human heart, which was made using a three-dimensional virtual heart model created at MSI's Scientific Development and Visualization Laboratory. With further processing by User Support staff member Nancy Rowe, the fly-through simulation was created using software in the LCSE-MSI Visualization Laboratory (LMVL).

Researchers at the Medical Devices Center use software available at MSI and the virtual-reality environment at the LMVL. MSI also assists these researchers in turning MRI scans into three-dimensional virtual models.