MSI Fellow Siepmann Named American Physical Society Fellow

posted on December 4, 2013

Long-time MSI Principal Investigator and Fellow J. Ilja Siepmann, a professor in the chemistry department in the College of Science and Engineering, has been named as a Fellow of the American Physical Society. This honor is in recognition of Professor Siepmann’s outstanding research contributions. The citation reads, “For the development of efficient Monte Carlo algorithms and accurate force fields and for applications to predictive modeling of complex chemical systems.” A story appears on the Department of Chemistry’s website.

Professor Siepmann has used MSI’s high-performance computing resources to support this research for many years. He has been a Fellow of the Supercomputing Institute since 1999. His current research at MSI involves using Monte Carlo algorithms to investigate multi-component multi-phase systems, accurate and transferable force fields with multiple levels of resolution, and first-principles simulation approaches. More information about this research is on the MSI website.