MSI PI Awarded Minnesota Futures Grant

Computer Science

MSI PI Hyun Soo Park (assistant professor, Computer Science and Engineering) is a Principal Investigator for a project that has received a 2018 Minnesota Futures Grant from the Office of the Vice President for Research. The project is entitled “Coordinated 3D Marker-Less Pose Estimation and Neural Measurements From Freely Moving Rhesus Macaques.” The goal of this project is to develop a system to measure brain activity in rhesus macaques that is smaller and that inhibits movement less than current technology. The system will combine wireless brain sensors and cameras and will allow the macaques to move freely.

Professor Park uses MSI for intense computations in a project to understand human visual intelligence. The researchers are building a computational model involving deep learning and 3-D representations.

The Minnesota Futures Grant Program, begun in 2008, provides support to interdisciplinary research with the goal of developing projects so that they become competitive for external funding. A story about the 2018 awardees is on the OVPR’s Inquiry blog: 2018 Minnesota Futures Awards Announced.