MSI PI to Develop Neuromodulation Device

Brain Science

MSI PI Alik Widge (assistant professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences) is the principal investigator on a new $6.6 million grant from the National Institute of Mental Health that funds the development of a new device that will be able to sync or unsync brain waves in patients with mental health disorders. Professor Widge and his group have previously developed methods that bring brain waves into or out of synchronicity. An article about this grant and Professor Widge’s research appears on the Medical School website: University of Minnesota Researchers Awarded $6.6M to Develop New Device to Treat Mental Health Disorders.

Professor Widge uses the supercomputers and software available through MSI to analyze data in electrophysiologic studies of decision-making brain networks.

Edited September 21, 2020: A story about this research appeared on MinnPost: U of M Research Team Hopes to Develop and Implantable Device to Treat Mental Illness - Thanks to a $6.6 Million Grant.