MSI PI Jakub Tolar Honored by Rocker Eddie Vedder

posted October 22, 2014

MSI Principal Investigator Jakub Tolar, an associate professor of pediatrics in the Medical School, has an ally in Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder. Professor Tolar studies a rare skin disorder called epidermolysis bullosa (EB). This painful, disfiguring disease causes very fragile skin that blisters or breaks easily. Vedder is the co-founder of a non-profit organization called EB Research Partnership, which is raising funds to help find a cure. Professor Tolar uses MSI resources for his research into EB, especially the mechanisms of the pain and itching associated with it.

Mr. Vedder and bandmate Stone Gossard toured the University’s facilities last week. In return, Professor Tolar was honored onstage at the Pearl Jam concert in St. Paul on Saturday night. NBC’s Today show featured Pearl Jam’s visit to the U and Professor Tolar’s work. An article, including videos, can be found on their website.