MSI PI Laura Gagliardi Elected to IAQMS


MSI PI Laura Gagliardi (professor, Chemistry) has been elected to the International Academy of Quantum Molecular Science, an international society for scientists working in fields related to quantum theory, including chemistry and chemical physics. Members are elected based on their outstanding research and leadership.

Professor Gagliardi is an internationally known theoretical and computational chemist. She is also one of the few women at the top of this field. Her work at MSI investigates chemical systems and materials containing transition metals and even heavier atoms such as lanthanides and actinides with quantum chemical methods. She is the director of the Inorganic Catalyst Design Center, director of the Chemical Theory Center, and a member of the Materials Science and Engineering Center. Research by her group and colleagues was featured on the MSI website in October 2016: A New Method for Creating a Catalyst on a Metal-Organic Framework.

An article about Professor Gagliardi’s research appears on the chemistry department website: Professor Gagliardi Elected to International Academy of Quantum Molecular Science