MSI PI Traian Dumitrica Named Fellow of HWK

Materials Science

MSI PI Traian Dumitrica, an associate professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, has been named a Fellow in the Energy area at the Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg (HWK) (Institute of Advanced Studies). During his Fellowship, Professor Dumitrica will work at the HWK with collaborators from the Bremen Center for Computational Materials Science at the University of Bremen. They will conduct computational research on zinc oxide nanomaterials targeting thermoelectricity and energy conversion applications.

HWK, located in the city of Delmenhorst in northwestern Germany, is a non-profit foundation of the federal states of Bremen and Lower Saxony. It promotes the disciplinary and interdisciplinary collaboration of internationally renowned scientists and young investigators.

Professor Dumitrica uses MSI resources for interdisciplinary efforts to conduct multiscale design of hard and high temperature resistant coatings that are thermally stable and oxidation resistant for high-temperature applications. His research was featured on the MSI website in March 2015 (Understanding the Effects of Dislocations on Thermal Properties of Materials) and August 2014 (Modeling Properties of Graphene).