MSI PI Vipin Kumar Uses Big Data to Track Climate Change

Ecology and Environment

MSI PI Vipin Kumar (Regents Professor, Computer Science and Engineering) is encouraging his colleagues to use data mining, machine learning, and other data-driven approaches to understand and fight issues related to climate change. Professor Kumar is co-chair of the 2019 Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD), hosted by the Association for Computing Machinery and taking place in Anchorage, Alaska this week. The conference is including its first-ever Earth Day, which will provide an opportunity for attendees to discuss how the data-science community can work on the problems of climate change.

Professor Kumar uses MSI resources for his own research in this area. He and his group have two main research tracks: building hybrid computer models that combine physics-based models with data-driven models to improve accuracy for earth-science applications, and developing new computer-science methods and tools that enable effective monitoring of land-cover changes on the earth’s surface.

An article about Professor Kumar and the conference appears on the College of Science and Engineering website: CSE Professor Initiates Data Mining Conference’s First-Ever “Earth Day.”