MSI PIs Form Startups in 2015

The Office of the Vice President for Research recently announced that a record 16 start-up companies based on University research and inventions were formed in Fiscal Year 2015, which ended on June 30, 2015. This tops the previous record of 15 start-ups, set in 2014.

Several of the new start-ups are headed up by MSI Principal Investigators. These are shown below, with the MSI PIs's names in bold and linked to a description of their group's research using MSI. 

Adama Materials: Improves the properties of resin and fiber composites, such as epoxy/carbon fiber and polyester/fiberglass, at very low cost.
Faculty: Chris Macosko and Andreas Stein

ApoGen BioTech: Delivers a new class of pharmaceuticals that block a specific enzyme to slow the evolution of cancer cells and prevent them from becoming resistant to therapies.
Faculty: Reuben Harris and Dan Harki

Flora Therapeutics: Targeting gastrointestinal and metabolic diseases using bacteria as therapeutics.
Faculty: Dan Knights

PSI: A satellite image analysis algorithm to detect changes in resources, such as forests, crops, water and urbanization.
Faculty: Shyam Boriah, Vipin Kumar, and Karsten Steinhaeuser

Target Genomics: A resource database, decision support system and services to guide health care providers in the use of genomics.
Faculty: Brian Van Ness

Tychon Biosciences: A platform therapeutic focused on cancer treatment using chemical synthesis, custom nanomaterials and complex protein structures.
Faculty: Carston (Rick) Wagner

These start-ups were assisted through the Venture Center at the Office for Technology Commercialization.

A complete list of 2015 start-ups and their descriptions can be found on the OVPR Inquiry blog.