MSI PIs Honored for Groundbreaking Research

Computer Science

Two MSI PIs from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Professor George Karypis and the late Professor John Riedl, will receive the 2016 Seoul Test of Time Award at the World Wide Web Conference in Montreal, Canada later this month. Professors Karypis and Riedl, along with Professor Joseph Konstan and former University Ph.D. student Badrul Sarwar, were the authors of a 2001 paper that is now considered the pioneering scholarly reference for recommender systems. Recommender systems are the algorithms that “recommend” an item, such as a book or movie, based on previous choices.

A news release about this award appears on the College of Science and Engineering website.

Professor Karypis uses MSI for continuing projects for the development of scalable algorithms for high-performance computing and Big Data research. Professor Riedl, who passed away in 2013, used MSI to further the development of LensKit, a toolkit his group created for developing and testing recommender algorithms.