MSI PIs Investigate Using Bacteria to Treat Diabetes

posted on December 5, 2014

Several MSI Principal Investigators are involved in an interdisciplinary project that is evaluating how introducing beneficial bacteria into diabetes patients’ intestines might improve their insulin sensitivity. Insulin sends glucose from the blood into other cells in the body; people with diabetes are unable to properly regulate their blood sugar.

MSI PIs on the team include Professor Michael Sadowsky (Director, BioTechnology Institute; Soil, Water, and Climate), Associate Professor Douglas Mashek (Food Science and Nutrition), Professor Kelvin Lim (Psychiatry), and Professor David Bernlohr (Head, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics). The lead researcher is Professor Alexander Khoruts (Medicine), a leader in the field of microbiota transplants.

An article about this project can be read on the OVPR’s Inquiry blog.