MSI PIs Leading Invasive Species Research

Ecology and Environment

The Minnesota Invasive Terrestrial Pests and Plants Center (MITPPC) has announced ten new projects to investigate some of the serious invasive species causing environmental and economic harm to Minnesota. Five of these projects are being led by MSI PIs. This research will improve how Minnesota can detect and manage invasive species. The projects are funded by the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund. Projects led by MSI PIs are:

  • Understanding spread and development of corn tar spot in Minnesota
  • Developing pest-resistant soybean for sustainable management of soybean aphids and Japanese beetles
  • Biological control of buckthorn using fungi
  • Studies of entomopathogenic fungi for effective biocontrol of emerald ash borer, phase 2
    • Robert Blanchette (professor, Plant Pathology)
    • Professor Blanchette uses MSI for projects that study fungi associated with the invasive emerald ash borer, and the root-rot pathogen Heterobasidion irregulare.
  • Genetic biocontrol of invasive insects, phase 3

The complete list of new projects can be found on the MITPPC website: Announcing 10 new research projects.