MSI PIs at the Minnesota Robotics Institute


MSI PIs in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering are among the researchers featured in a UMNews story about the Minnesota Robotics Institute (MnRI), which opened in 2019. The story is available on the News site: Building a Brighter Future With Robotics.

The MSI PIs are:

  • Professor Maria Gini
    • Professor Gini uses MSI for a variety of projects in artificial intelligence and multi-agent systems.
  • Professor Volkan Isler
    • Professor Isler uses MSI for projects using deep learning-based approaches to solve many relevant computer vision problems that come up in environmental monitoring tasks.
  • Professor Nikolaos Papanikolopoulos (Director, MnRI)
    • Professor Papanikolopoulos uses MSI resources for projects investigating new approaches to processing large-scale 3D point cloud datasets using applied topology, specifically topological data analysis.
  • Assistant Professor Junaed Sattar
    • Professor Sattar uses MSI resources for several research projects focusing on computational aspects of field robotics and human interaction.