MSI PIs Named to Academies for Excellence

Three MSI PIs have been named to the Academy for Excellence in Team Science, one of the Academies for Excellence at the University of Minnesota.

The three faculty members are:

  • Assistant Professor Peter Larsen (Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences)
    • Professor Larsen uses MSI resources to perform multi-omic analyses that investigate epigenomic vulnerabilities contributing to the origin of sporadic disease and emerging zoonoses at the wildlife-livestock interface.
  • Professor Sang-Hyun Oh (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
    • Professor Oh uses MSI for research into the interaction of light with metallic nanostructures for the use of biosensing, metamaterials, and spectroscopy.
  • Assistant Professor Tiffany Wolf (Veterinary Population Medicine)
    • Professor Wolf uses MSI resources for metagenomic studies that are part of research into brainworm infection in the Minnesota moose population.