MSI PIs Named Distinguished McKnight University Professors

posted on April 23, 2014

MSI Principal Investigators Professor Laura Gagliardi (Chemistry) and Professor Chris Leighton (Chemical Engineering and Materials Science) have been named Distinguished McKnight University Professors. This award recognizes outstanding faculty members who recently achieved full professor status. The announcement appears on the Scholars Walk website.

Professor Gagliardi uses quantum chemistry and classical simulation techniques to study chemical systems. Her work at MSI includes study of homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis in energy-related processes, reactivity and separation processes in nanoporous materials, and heavy-element-containing chemical systems. An article about Professor Gagliardi appears on the chemistry department website and an MSI Research Spotlight highlighting her work using MSI appeared in June 2013.

Professor Leighton studies the electronic and magnetic properties of materials. He uses MSI to analyze magnetization, electrical transport, and X-ray diffraction data. They also use neutron scattering facilities to collect data that provides information about the crystalline structure and magnetic properties of materials. An article about Professor Leighton appears on the chemical engineering and materials science website.