MSI PIs Named Optica Fellows

Two MSI PIs from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Professor Steven Koester and Professor Sang-Hyun Oh, have been named Fellows of Optica (formerly The Optical Society). Professor Oh was cited for his “outstanding contributions to the development of fabrication techniques for nanophotonics, of nanophotonic biosensors, and of ultrastrong light-matter interactions.” Professor Koester was cited for “technical innovations in optoelectronic devices, particularly those involving group-IV and 2D-material-based photodetectors and optical modulators.” Both these awards are featured on the department website:

Professor Koester uses MSI for projects creating simulations of 2D materials, developing a novel beam-steering concept, and investigating self-heating in perovskite semiconductors. Professor Oh uses MSI for numerical modeling to simulate advanced materials and devices and their complex coupling with light at the nanoscale.