MSI PIs Receive 2022 Research Infrastructure Investment Program Award

Four MSI PIs have received awards from the 2022 Research Infrastructure Investment Program. This Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) program is designed to facilitate interdisciplinary partnerships and strengthen the University’s research infrastructure. OVPR made seven awards this year.

Below are the MSI PIs who received awards:

  • Jeannine Cavender-Bares, Ecology, Evolution and Behavior
    • Project Title: Li-Cor Portable Photosynthesis System for High Throughput Analysis of Plant Response to Environmental Change
    • Professor Cavender-Bares uses spectral biology and predictive models to understand how variation at one biological scale interacts with environmental change to give rise to emergent properties at the next biological scale, ultimately influencing biodiversity from organisms to the tree of life in ecological communities and across the biosphere.
  • Michael O’Connor, Genetics, Cell Biology and Development
    • Project Title: Biomolecular Imaging Instrumentation for Developmental Biology Research
    • Professor O’Connor uses MSI for genetic analysis, metabolomics, transcriptome characterization, chromatin immunoprecipitation experiments, biochemistry, and optical/EM imaging as part of studies to characterize key signaling systems that regulate critical and likely conserved physiological processes.
  • Angela Panoskaltsis-Mortari, Pediatrics
    • Project Title: R-GEN Multimaterial Printer for the 3D Bioprinting Facility
    • Professor Panoskaltsis-Mortari uses MSI resources to create 3D models of an esophagus and trachea for transplant to be printed and analyzed.
  • Natalia Tretyakova, Medicinal Chemistry
    • Project Title: TSQ Quntis Plus Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer
    • Professor Tretyakova uses MSI for projects studying DNA-protein crosslinks, smoking-induced epigenetics changes, and DNA demethylation.

The complete list of awardees can be found on the OVPR website: Research Infrastructure Investment Program: 2022 Awards.