MSI PIs Receive Grand Challenges Research Awards

The second phase of the Grand Challenges Awards, part of the University’s Driving Tomorrow strategic plan, have been awarded, and several MSI PIs are among the faculty members leading projects. The interdisciplinary projects funded this year focus on two categories of the Grand Challenges Research initiative, “Fostering Just and Equitable Communities” and “Assuring Clean Water and Sustainable Ecosystems.” Two projects address the intersection of those categories.

The projects on which MSI PIs are project co-PIs are shown below. MSI PIs are in bold.

Assuring Clean Water and Sustainable Ecosystems via Improved Agroecological Management

Co-PIs: Lawrence P. Wackett, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, & Biophysics; Carl J. Rosen, Soil, Water, and Climate; and William R. Harcombe, Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior.

Water and Equity: Co-developing Research and Engaged Approaches to Transforming Environments (WE CREATE)

Co-PIs: Kate Derickson, Geography; Susan Galatowitsch, Fisheries, Wildlife & Conservation Biology; Sarah Hobbie, Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior; Bonnie Keeler, Institute on the Environment; Stephen Polasky, Applied Economics; and Fred Rose, Institute on the Environment.

Wild Rice in Minnesota and the Great Lakes Region: A Flagship for Environmental Preservation and Indigenous Resource Sovereignty

Co-PIs: G.-H. Crystal Ng, Earth Sciences; Mark Bellcourt, CFANS Office of Diversity and Inclusion; Mae Davenport, Forest Resources; Daniel Larkin, Fisheries, Wildlife, & Conservation Biology; Amy Myrbo, Earth Sciences; and Cara Santelli, Earth Sciences.

The complete list of Phase 2 Grand Challenges awards can be found on the U’s Driving Tomorrow website: Phase 2 Grand Challenges Research Awards.