MSI PIs Receive Institute on the Environment Mini Grants

Ecology and Environment

Three MSI PIs were among the U of M faculty who received Fall 2015 Mini Grants from the Institute on the Environment. The grants are awarded to interdisciplinary projects that focus on environmental themes. Besides funding, the award includes space for workshops, meetings, and conferences and some administrative support for a year.

The MSI PIs who received Mini Grants are:

Emma Goldberg; Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior

Project: Using experiments to root mathematical models of environmental niches

Professor Goldberg studies the evolution of traits that influence the chances of speciation and extinction, using computer models on MSI’s supercomputers.

Julian Marshall; Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering; Fellow, Institute on the Environment

Project: Knowledge to impact workshop for Grand Challenge Curriculum

Professor Marshall uses MSI’s supercomputers to run models that support his group’s research into spatial, temporal, and chemical-speciation aspects of greenhouse gas and air pollution impacts of transportation fuels.

Ned Mohan; Electrical and Computer Engineering

Project: Workshop on “Energy from renewables: Envisioning a brighter future”

Professor Mohan is using Finite Element Modeling on the supercomputers to develop new designs for power electronic converters that will reduce weight and increase power density.

A complete of Mini Grant awardees and descriptions of their projects can be found on the IonE website.