MSI PIs Receive Research Grants from Minnesota Partnership

Four MSI PIs are among the recipients of the 2023 research grants from the Minnesota Partnership for Biotechnology and Medical Genomics. These grants are given to project collaborations between researchers at the U of M and the Mayo Clinic.

The projects with MSI PIs are:

Minnesota Functional Omics Resources (MNFORce)

  • PIs: Eric Klee, Mayo Clinic; Mark OsbornPediatrics
  • Professor Osborn uses MSI resources for research into the development of potential therapeutic approaches to treat genetic disorders.

Center for Functional Genomics of Immunotherapy (CFGI)

  • PIs: David Largaespada, Pediatrics; Saad Kenderian, Mayo Clinic
  • Professor Largaespada uses MSI resources for research into cancer gene discovery and functional genomics in the mouse.

Organoid Biomanufacturing for Transforming Healthcare

  • PIs: Brenda Ogle, Biomedical Engineering; Charles Howe, Mayo Clinic
  • Professor Ogle uses MSI resources for researching mechanisms by which stem cells contribute to tissues during development.

Towards a Center for Advanced Synucleinopathy Diagnostics (ASCEND): Development and optimization of nanoparticle-enhanced seed amplification assays for blood-based detection of synucleinopathies

  • PIs: Wolfgang Singer, Mayo Clinic; Sang-Hyun Oh, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Professor Oh uses MSI resources in studying of the interaction of light with metallic nanostructures for the use of biosensing, metamaterials, and spectroscopy.

The complete list of awardees and descriptions of the project can be found on the U of M news site: Minnesota Partnership awards five collaborative research grants for 2023.