MSI PIs Receive Research Grants From Morris Animal Foundation


Two MSI PIs from the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences in the College of Veterinary Medicine have received grants from the Morris Animal Foundation (Denver, Colorado) to support their research into canine cancers:

The grant to Associate Professor Erin Dickerson funds a project to study how cholesterol and lipids fuel tumor growth in hemangiosarcoma. Professor Dickerson uses MSI resources for gene expression analysis of invasive and cancer stem cells in head and neck cancer.

The grant to Professor Jaime Modiano funds a study of a new cancer drug, eBAT, to define how the drug works to inhibit hemangiosarcoma and to determine if the drug can be used on other cancers. Professor Modiano uses MSI for next-generation genetic studies of various cancers.

An article about these grants and the researchers’ work appears on the College of Veterinary Science website: Next-level research amasses new funding.