MSI PIs Recognized for Teaching Excellence

Three MSI PIs have been recognized by the U for teaching excellence.

Associate Professor Ted M. Pappenfus (Chemistry - Division of Science and Mathmatics, University of Minnesota Morris), has received a 2015 Horace T. Morse Award for Outstanding Contributions to Undergraduate Educations. Professor Pappenfus uses the Cambridge Structural Database, available through MSI, to find inorganic and organic materials that can be used for applications in electronic devices and environmental sensors.

Professor Philippe Buhlmann (Chemistry - College of Science and Engineering) and Professor Shashi Shekhar (Computer Science and Engineering - College of Science and Engineering; MSI Fellow) have both received a 2015 Award for Outstanding Contributions to Postbaccalaureate, Graduate and Professional Education. Professor Buhlmann uses software available through MSI for modeling electrochemical sensors. Professor Shekhar’s group uses the supercomputers to validate their algorithms for large-scale modeling of road networks.