MSI PIs Study Phenomena in Lake Superior


The Duluth News Tribune recently featured two MSI PIs, Professor Jay Austin (UMD – Head, Department of Physics and Astronomy; Large Lakes Observatory) and Assistant Professor Sam Kelly (UMD – Physics and Astronomy; Large Lakes Observatory). Professor Austin has been performing acoustical research in Lake Superior, the first such research to be done in a large lake. Professor Kelly is studying underwater waves in the lake to discover what causes them and how they impact the lake’s ecosystem. The article can be found on the Duluth News Tribune website: Noisy fish? Lake Superior underwater noises include ships, wind and ... eelpout.

Professor Austin is using MSI for two projects: ice formation on Lake Superior, and development of a modeling framework for the St. Louis Estuary/Duluth Harbor/Lake Superior coupled system. Professor Kelly is using MSI’s supercomputers to simulate internal waves in oceans and large lakes.