MSI PIs Studying COVID-19 Transmission and Indoor Ventilation Systems


Two MSI PIs from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Associate Professor Jiarong Hong and assistant professor Suo Yang, are studying how indoor ventilation systems affect the transmission of COVID-19. Their early research, which is being prepared for publication, modeled virus spread in elevators, classrooms, supermarkets. Future research will include other common indoor settings, such as restaurants. An article about the research appears on mechanical engineering department website: ME Faculty Study How COVID-19 Spreads Indoors.

Professor Hong uses MSI resources for computational studies in fluid mechanics related to multiphase flows and flow-structure interactions, using image-based techniques and machine learning. Professor Yang is performing first-principles based modeling and simulation of reacting flows, including combustion, turbulence, soot aerosols, and plasma physics, and their multiscale interactions.