MSI to Purchase New Supercomputer System

MSI has recently been awarded an NIH grant to purchase a new SGI Altix UV 1000 supercomputer, which will be called "Koronis." This machine will be used by MSI researchers working on a number of NIH-funded projects in the areas of multi-scale modeling, chemical dynamics, bioinformatics and computational biology, and biomedical imaging. The Principal Investigator on the grant is Professor Darrin York (Chemistry, MSI Fellow). The research groups of professors Jiali Gao (Chemistry, MSI Fellow), Donald Truhlar (Chemistry, MSI Fellow), George Karypis (Computer Science and Engineering, MSI Associate Fellow), David Largaespada (Genetics, Cell Biology, and Development), Kelvin Lim (Psychiatry), and Bin He (Biomedical Engineering) will also be using Koronis. More information can be found at the SGI website.