Name for New Supercomputer Has Been Chosen

posted November 7, 2014

MSI’s newest supercomputer, an HP system, now has a name: Mesabi.

The Mesabi Range is the largest of the four major iron deposits in northern Minnesota that collectively make up the area known as the Iron Range. It is the chief deposit of iron ore in the U.S. The name comes from an Ojibwe word meaning “immense mountain.” This name also ties in with an informal term for supercomputers, “Big Iron.”

Three people independently nominated “Mesabi” as the name for our new machine during MSI’s New Supercomputer Naming Contest. We had over 140 nominations. A group of staff members selected the top five names, and these finalists were voted on by the entire MSI staff to select the final winner.

The three nominators were:
Aaron Barnes
Paul Lindstrom
an anonymous nominator

Thanks to everyone who participated in the naming contest.

See the Status Page for Mesabi's installation and testing.