New Cameras to Record Conditions on Lake Superior

Ecology and Environment

The University of Minnesota Duluth's Large Lakes Observatory (LLO), which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, has added cameras to observation buoys on Lake Superior. The buoys gather information about air and water temperatures, wind speed and direction, wave height, and solar radiation. This information is valuable to ships, fishermen, and meteorologists. An article with a video from one of the cameras can be found on the website of Duluth’s CBS-3 TV: Lake views: Buoy cameras installed to get closer look at conditions on Lake Superior.

Professor Jay Austin (head, UMD Physics and Astronomy), who is cited in the article, is an MSI PI who uses MSI for two projects: one examines lake thermal structure and ice formation, and the other is developing a modeling framework for the St. Louis Estuary/Duluth Harbor/Lake Superior coupled system and a hydrodynamic modeling platform within which to study circulation, thermal structure, and the interaction of these bodies of water.