A New Drug to Counteract Effects of Hemorrhagic Shock


Three MSI PIs are part of the creation of a new drug that extends the period of time known as the “golden hour” – the short window after a traumatic accident when medical treatment is most effective. The PIs are Professor Greg Beilman (Surgery), Professor Matthew Andrews (Duluth – Biology), and Professor Lester Drewes (Duluth – Biomedical Sciences). The researchers and how they developed the drug are featured in a recent story on the OVPR’s Inquiry blog: Expanding the window for life-saving medical treatment.

Professor Beilman uses MSI resources to process and analyze mass spectrometry data to find potential biomarkers related to diseases and trauma. Professor Andrews uses RNA-seq methods to study the genetic factors involved in mammalian hibernation. Professor Drewes studies extracellular vesicles and uses MSI resources for next-generation sequencing analyses.

Added on January 6, 2017: Local ABC affiliate KSTP-TV aired a story about this  drug: U of M Researchers Could Bring Life Saving Tool to First Responders Everywhere.