New Kind of Magnetoresistance Discovered

Computer Science

Researchers developing improved kinds of computer memory have been working with a phenomenon known as magnetoresistance. A new type of magnetoresistance involving topological insulators has been discovered by a team including MSI PI Jian-Ping Wang (Electrical and Computer Engineering; Director, Center for Spintronic Materials, Interfaces, and Novel Architectures). The discovery was published recently in the journal Nature Communications. You can read the paper on the journal website: Unidirectional spin-Hall and Rashba−Edelstein magnetoresistance in topological insulator-ferromagnet layer heterostructures.

An article about the research also appears on the College of Science and Engineering website: New discovery could improve brain-like memory and computing.

Professor Wang uses MSI resources for research into the electronic structure and magnetic properties of FeN and FeCN.