New Treatment for Epidermolysis Bullosa


MSI PI Jakub Tolar, a professor in the pediatrics department of the UM Medical School, is known for his work aiming to find a cure for the debilitating disease epidermolysis bullosa (EB). In this genetic disease, a person’s skin sloughs off at the slightest touch. It is painful, disfiguring, and can be fatal.

The University of Minnesota Foundation’s Legacy magazine features a story in the Winter 2017 issue about Zuzia Macheta, a young girl from Poland who traveled with her family to Minneapolis to take part in a clinical trial for an EB treatment at the Masonic Children’s Hospital. Professor Tolar is the director of the trial. The article can be found on the Foundation website: Suzia’s new skin.

Professor Tolar uses MSI resources to perform RNA-seq analyses as part of studies that will provide information for improved treatments of EB.