Patents Awarded to MSI PIs - Fall 2017

The Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) has published a list of patents that have been awarded to University researchers during the past few months. Several MSI Principal Investigators, shown below, are on this list. The complete list can be found on the OVPR’s Inquiry blog, "Patent Roll Call, Fall 2017."

The PIs' MSI group pages are linked from their names (PI names are in bold).

Agriculture and Horticulture

James Anderson (Horticultural Science), Jochum Wiersma


Software and Information Technology

Serguei Pakhomov (Pharmaceutical Care and Health Systems), Laura Hemmy, Kelvin Lim (Psychiatry)

Automated Verbal Fluency Assessment

George Karypis (Computer Science and Engineering), Dominique LaSalle

Parallel Processing With Cooperative Multitasking

Life Sciences

Da-Ren Chen, Robert Hoerr, David Pui (Mechanical Engineering)

Device With Electrospray Coating to Deliver Active Ingredients

Yuanpeng Li, Balasubramanian Srinivasan, Jian-Ping Wang (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Chengguo Xing

High Magnetic Moment Particle Detection

Eduardo Reategui, Allison Hubel (Mechanical Engineering), Alptekin Aksan

Silica-Based Composite Ocular Device and Methods

David Nuckley, Arthur Erdman (Mechanical Engineering; Director, Earl Bakken Medical Devices Center), Charles Ledonio, David Polly

Spinal Probe With Tactile Force Feedback and Pedicle Breach Prediction

Pharmaceutics and Diagnostics

Patrick Schlievert, Marnie Peterson (Microbiology)

Compositions and Methods for Controlling Infections

Xiaohui Zhao, Karen Ashe, Michael Walters (Medicinal Chemistry), Derek Hook Morgan Le Naour

Compositions and Methods Related to Taupathy

Michael Sadowsky (Director, BioTechnology Institute; Soil, Water, and Climate), Matthew Hamilton, Alexander Khoruts, Alexa Weingarden

Compositions and Methods for Transplantation of Colon Microbiota

Shameem Sultana Syeda, Gunda Georg (Director, Institute for Therapeutic Discovery and Development; Medicinal Chemistry)

Contraceptive Agents

Suck Kim, Peter Dosa, Michael Walters (Medicinal Chemistry)

Ergoline Derivatives as Dopamine Receptor Modulators

Hiroyuki Hirai, Nobuaki Kikyo (Genetics, Cell Biology, and Development)

Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

Allison Hubel (Mechanical Engineering), Katie Douglass, Jacob Hanna

Inlet and Outlet Geometries for a Vertical Three-Stream Microfluidic Device

Bin He (Biomedical Engineering), Zhaoye Zhou

Systems and Methods for Noninvasive Spectral-Spatiotemporal Imaging of Cardiac Electric Activity

Zhenpeng Qin, John Bischof (Mechanical Engineering), Taner Akkin

Thermal Contrast Assay and Reader

John Ohlfest, Michael Olin, Walter Low (Neurosurgery)

Therapeutic Composition for Treatment of Glioblastoma

Venkatram Mereddy, Sravan Jonnalagadda, Shirisha Jonnalagadda, Lester Drewes (Medical School – UM Duluth)

Therapeutic Compounds

Meng Jing, Gianluigi Veglia (Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics), Raffaello Verardi, Michael Bowser, Joseph Metzger (Chair, Integrative Biology and Physiology), Brian Thompson

Therapeutic Polynucleotides, Compositions, and Methods

Ashok Saluja, Satish Patil, Raj Suryanarayanan (Pharmaceutics), Selwyn Vickers, Bruce Blazar (Pediatrics), Gunda Georg (Director, Institute for Therapeutic Discovery and Development; Medicinal Chemistry), Cheryl Zimmerman, Juan Leal, Rohit Chugh

Triptolide Prodrugs

Engineering and Physical Sciences

Biological and Chemical Technologies

Alex John, William Tolman (Chair, Chemistry), Marc Hillmyer, Levi Hogan

Catalytic Ester Decarbonylation

Beeraiah Baire, Thomas Hoye (Chemistry), Dawen Niu, Brian Woods, Patrick Willoughby

Cyclization Methods

Erin Surdo, Paige Novak (Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering), William Arnold (Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering)

Membranes for Wastewater-Generated Energy and Gas

James Gallagher, Marc Hillmyer, Theresa Reineke (Chemistry)

Monomers, Polymers and Articles Containing the Same From Sugar Derived Compounds

Jian-Ping Wang (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Ying Jing

Particle Functionalization

Paul Chen, Min Addy, Erik Anderson, R. Ruan (Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering)

Production of Biodiesel From Scum

David Kittelson (Mechanical Engineering), Jane Davidson (Mechanical Engineering), Brandon Hathaway

Solar Gasifier

Design and Materials Technologies

Jian-Ping Wang (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Haibao Zhao, Hao Wang

Embedded Mask Patterning Process for Fabricating Magnetic Media and Other Structures

Jane Davidson (Mechanical Engineering), Louise Goldberg, John Carmody, Susan Mantell (Mechanical Engineering)

Self-Supporting Roof Panel

Thomas Chase (Mechanical Engineering), Jane Davidson (Mechanical Engineering)

Thermochemical Reactor Systems and Methods

Electrical and Nano Technologies

Sachin Sapatnekar (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Vivek Mishra

Cell-Level Signal Electromigration

Rhonda Franklin (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Coplanar Waveguide Transition

Xiaoli Ma, Georgios Giannakis (Director, Digital Technology Center; Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Estimating Frequency-Offsets and Multi-Antenna Channels in MIMO OFDM Systems

Ronald Siegel (Pharmaceutics), Babak Ziaie

Sensor Having Ferrogel With Magnetic Particles

Richa Pandey, Russell Holmes (Chemical Engineering and Materials Science), S. Matt Menke

Spectrally Tunable Broadband Organic Photodetectors

Jian-Ping Wang (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Mahdi Jamali

Spin Current Generation With Nano-Oscillator

Anand Gopinath (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Sung-Min Sohn, J. Thomas Vaughan

System and Method for Control of RF Circuits for Use With an MRI System

Steven Koester (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Ultra-Compact, Passive, Varactor-Based Wireless Sensor Using Quantum Capacitance Effect in Graphene