Patents Awarded to MSI PIs - Spring 2018

The Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) has published a list of patents that have been awarded to University researchers during the past few months. Several MSI Principal Investigators, shown below, are on this list. The complete list can be found on the OVPR’s Inquiry blog: Patent Roll Call, Spring 2018.

The PIs' MSI pages are linked from their names (PI names are in bold).

Software and Information Technology

Vassilios Morellas, Doug Cook, Theodore Morris, Nikolaos Papanikolopoulos (Computer Science and Engineering)

Determining parking space occupancy using a 3D representation

Yingling Fan, Gediminas Adomavicius, Julian Wolfson (Biostatistics)

Travel and activity capturing

Life Sciences

Medical Technology

Daniel Keefe (Computer Science and Engineering), Dane Coffey, Arthur Erdman (Mechanical Engineering; Director, Medical Devices Center)

Computer visualization of anatomical items

Rita Perlingeiro (Medicine), Michael Kyba (Pediatrics), Fabrizio Rinaldi, Daniel Voytas (Genetics, Cell Biology and Development)

Gene targeting methods and tools

Gregory Metzger (Radiology), Chaitanya Kalavagunta, Joseph Koopmeiners, Stephen Schmechel, Christopher Warlick

Medical imaging device rendering predictive prostate cancer visualizations using quantitative multiparametric MRI models

Rajesh Rajamani (Mechanical Engineering), Kalpesh Singal

Sensor for tension measurement

Daniel Voytas (Genetics, Cell Biology and Development), Feng Zhang

TAL effector-mediated DNA modification

Pharmaceutics and Diagnostics

R McIvor, Lalitha Belur, Carolyn Fairbanks, Walter Low (Neurosurgery)

Methods to treat mucopolysaccharide type I or deficiency in alpha-L-iduronidase using a recombinant adeno-associated virus encoding alpha-L-iduronidase

Robyn Leary, Anindya Bagchi, Aaron Sarver (Biomedical Health Informatics)

Compositions and methods involving endogenous retrovirus proteins

Michael Verneris, Yong-Oon Ahn, Bruce Blazar (Pediatrics), Jeffrey Miller

Generation of natural killer cells and lymphoid tissue inducer-like (LTi-like) NK-22 cells

David Ferguson (Medicinal Chemistry), Courtney Aldrich (Medicinal Chemistry), John Ohlfest

Immunomodulators and immunomodulator conjugates

Jian-Ping Wang (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Md Tofizur Rahman, Yi Wang

Magnetic biomedical sensors and sensing system for high-throughput biomolecule testing

Daniel Keefe (Computer Science and Engineering), Dane Coffey, Arthur Erdman (Mechanical Engineering; Director, Medical Devices Center), Chi-Lun Lin

Material analysis of anatomical items

John Bischof (Mechanical Engineering), Jeunghwan Choi, Harishankar Natesan

System and method for determining a spatial thermal property profile of a sample

Mark Distefano (Chemistry), Mohammad Rashidian

Triorthogonal reagents for dual protein conjugation

Engineering and Physical Sciences

Biological and Chemical Technologies

Brett Barney (Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering), Carolann Knutson, Marnie (Mary) Plunkett

Genetically modified diazotrophs and methods of using same

Marc Hillmyer, Frank Bates, Derek Batiste, Christopher Macosko (Chemical Engineering and Materials Science), Alexander Mannion, Tessie Panthani, Debbie Schneiderman, Marie Vanderlaan, Jay Wang

Recovery of monomer from polyurethane materials by depolymerization

Alptekin Aksan, Lisa Kasinkas, Eduardo Reategui, Michael Sadowsky (Director, BioTechnology Institute), Lawrence Wackett (BioTechnology Institute)

Silica encapsulated biomaterials

Design and Materials Technologies

Christopher Hogan (Mechanical Engineering), Sigin He

Electrospray ionizer for mass spectrometry of aerosol particles

Sang-Hyun Oh (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Xiaoshu Chen

Methods for manufacturing nano-gap and angstrom-gap articles

Electrical and Nano Technologies

Andreas Stein, Phil Buhlmann (Chemistry), Jinbo Hu

Ion-selective electrodes and reference electrodes with a solid contact having mesoporous carbon

Jian-Ping Wang (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Liang Tu

Magnetic search coil for measuring real-time brownian relaxation of magnetic nanoparticles

Mo Li (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Jian-Ping Wang (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Spin magneto-optical modulator

Georgios Giannakis (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Hao Zhu

State estimation of electrical power networks using semidefinite relaxation