Kevin Mohsenian, a senior in the biomedical engineering department and a researcher in the group of MSI Principal Investigator Matt Johnson, recently won the Biomedical Engineering Society's Undergraduate Research Award for 2011. The award was for his simulation work, "Computational Modeling of Pedunculopontine Nucleus Deep Brain Simulation," which is part of the Johnson group's work highlighted in the December Research Spotlight (see sidebar on left of page) and in the MSI Annual Research Highlights 2011.

Recent research by MSI Principal Investigator David Tilman (Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior) discusses the possibility that global food demand could double by 2050. This could have serious effects on the environment, but could be avoided by changes in agricultural practices. UMNews has published a news release about this research. Professor Tilman's work is also featured in MSI's Annual Research Highlights 2011.

UMNews article about the research of MSI Associate Fellow Nevin D. Young is featured on the U website. Professor Young and his collaborators recently published a paper in Nature (November 16) concerning their genomic research with legumes. This research increases our knowledge about how legumes produce natural nitrogen fertilizer, which is important to sustainable agriculture.

An interview with MSI Associate Fellow Gunda Georg (Director, Institute for Therapeutics Discovery and Development) appears on the "Giving to the U of M" website. Professor Georg and other researchers at the ITDD use MSI resources for their drug discovery and development projects.

An article about Karen Gran’s (Geological Sciences, Duluth) research into river sediment, shown in the November Research Spotlight (see sidebar), appeared in a recent issue of Environmental Science and Technology. It has also been selected as an Editor’s Choice article by Science.