The Research blog of the Office of the Vice President for Research has recent posts that feature MSI Principal Investigators: the research of Mark Distefano (Chemistry); patents issued to Courtney Aldrich (Medicinal Chemistry), David Pui (Mechanical Engineering), Ronald Siegel (Pharmaceutics), Daniel Frisbie (Chemical Engineering and Materials Science), Reuben Harris and Hiroshi Matsuo (BMBB), and Art Erdman (Mechanical Engineering); and the selection of research by Dan Voytas (GCBD) as Method of the Year 2011.

An MSI Principal Investigator, Professor Bin He (Biomedical Engineering), was featured on the premiere episode of "Impact the World," a new series on the Big Ten Network. Read more about Professor He’s research and see videos from the program at the University’s News release.

In the past, the MSI resource allocation committee has reviewed requests for supplemental service unit (SU) allocations for Itasca throughout the year as they are submitted. To more efficiently and fairly manage the allocation of resources, we are altering this policy. The MSI resource allocation committee will review requests for supplemental allocations three times per year.

Annual allocations based on the annual renewal of accounts will continue to be effective in January of each year. In addition, the resource allocation committee will consider requests for supplemental allocations in April, July, and October. While you may submit a request at any time, it will not be reviewed until the next scheduled review date. Deadlines to request additional SUs are April 1, July 1, and October 1. To request a supplemental allocation, please see the midyear supplemental allocation information on the allocations page.

On Saturday, January 28, MSI participated in the Science Museum of Minnesota’s Amantes de la Ciencia, an annual event designed to introduce visitors to science and education professionals in the Latino/a community. Visitors to the MSI booth got to build molecules with marshmallows and pretzels and see how researchers make molecule simulations on a computer.

A video presentation by Fotis Sotiropoulos (MSI Fellow) and Trung Le of St. Anthony Falls Laboratory and Daniel Keefe (MSI Principal Investigator) and Dane Coffey of Computer Science and Engineering won a prestigious award at the 2011 Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Mechanics. The Gallery of Fluid Motion competition recognizes computational and experimental images and videos that show outstanding artistic content, scientific originality, and ability to convey information. The calculations and visualizations for the team’s video, Vortex Formation and Instability in the Left Ventricle, were performed on MSI supercomputers. You can download the video from the Gallery of Fluid Motion.