Prospective students visiting the College of Science and Engineering (CSE) on March 7 saw a three-dimensional simulation of blood flow on the PowerWall in the LCSE-MSI Visualization Laboratory. Members of Assistant Professor Dan Keefe’s (Computer Science and Engineering and MSI PI) research group showed the visualization, created in a cooperative effort by Computer Science, the Medical Devices Center, and St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, to high-school students and their families. Tours sponsored by the Office of Admissions allow students to see working laboratories on campus and learn about opportunities at the University. Additional groups of prospective CSE students visited the LMVL on March 21 and 28.

MSI has transitioned to a yearly renewal cycle for most users. Renewals occur in the fall for the following calendar year. All currently active accounts will remain active through 2011, and there is no need to complete the online renewal form to maintain your access. PIs who may need significant SU allocations have already been contacted about requesting them.

On Saturday, Feb. 19, Senator Al Franken (DFL-MN) was at the LCSE-MSI Visualization Lab as part of a visit to the Medical Devices Center (MDC). Sen. Franken is interested in the U’s contributions to the medical-device industry in Minnesota. An article about the visit can be found at The article includes a picture of the Senator using a virtual-reality simulation that MDC researchers developed with technology available through MSI.

MSI is transitioning to a one-year renewal cycle for allocations of 200,000 or fewer service units (SUs) per year. Renewals will be required in the fall for the following calendar year. If your group uses only lab resources or requested fewer than 100,000 SUs for the January through June 2011 period, your accounts will remain active throughout 2011.

Because allocations of greater than 100,000 SUs for the January through June period (greater than 200,000 for the full year) use substantially more MSI resources than the smaller requests, the allocation committee determined that these large users will still need to submit the renewal form every six months.

William Kramer, Blue Waters Deputy Project Director, NCSA, gave a presentation at MSI on Friday, February 25, 10 am - 12 pm, in 402 Walter Library. The topic of the presentation was the Blue Waters architecture and how to submit a successful PRAC proposal.