Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2011 MSI Research Exhibition on Monday, April 25. Pictures of the poster-competition winners can be seen on the Research Exhibition webpage. Congratulations to our winners!

In April 2011, the Associated Press released a story concerning tsunami danger to nuclear plants in Asia. The article quotes Professor Dave Yuen (Geology and Geophysics; MSI Fellow), whose group uses MSI resources to create computer simulations of tsunami propagation. The article appeared in many news outlets in print and online.

MSI Principal Investigator Chad Myers (Computer Science and Engineering) was recently named a McKnight Land-Grant Professor. His research, which involves using computational methods to investigate problems in genetics, is highlighted in the OVPR’s Research News Online.

MSI Associate Fellow Robert Lysak (Physics) has been selected as a 2011 Fellow of the American Geophysical Union. See more at the School of Physics and Astronomy website.

MSI Principal Investigator Cynthia Cattell (Physics) has won the 2011 George W. Taylor Award for Distinguished Service. See more at the School of Physics and Astronomy website.