Problems in Use of Ethanol to Fight Climate Change

Ecology and Environment

MSI PI Jason Hill, an associate professor in the Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering and a Fellow of the Institute on the Environment, led research published in the journal Energy Policy that shows a “fuel market rebound effect” from the use of biofuels, especially ethanol. This effect is so strong that emissions can actually increase with the use of ethanol. The paper argues that the Renewable Fuel Standard is not meeting its main objectives, which are protecting the environment and reducing dependency on foreign sources of oil.

An article about this paper can be read on the Climate Central website. The paper itself is on the Energy Policy website.

Professor Hill uses MSI resources to run air-quality models that support analyses that link human activities including transportation, eating, and the purchase of goods and services with the health impacts of the air-pollution emissions these activities ultimately create.