MSI participated with the Medical Devices Center (MDC) at the Minnesota State Fair on September 1. We showed off some of the work we do with the MDC. The University of Minnesota Building is at the corner of Dan Patch Avenue and Underwood Street. More information about the U's activities at the Fair, including a daily calendar, can be found at the U's State Fair website.

Twin Cities Public Television recently aired a documentary about the architect who designed the building in which MSI resides, Walter Library. An outtake from the show dealing with the renovation of Walter (scroll down to "Walter Library Renovation") also shows MSI's LMVL. The visualization of Rayleigh-Taylor instability at the end of the video clip is by Professor Paul Woodward (Astronomy, MSI Fellow).

MSI Associate Fellow Elizabeth Amin (Medicinal Chemistry) has been awarded the Hewlett-Packard Outstanding Junior Faculty Award for 2011 by the American Chemical Society. Professor Amin will receive the award at the ACS 2011 National Meeting. She will present her research as part of the Division of Computers in Chemistry poster session.

You can read an article about the LMVL on the OVPR Research Blog. The article includes several pictures of the 3-D visualization wall in use.

An article by the research group of MSI Fellow Don Truhlar (Chemistry) appeared in a recent issue of Chemical and Engineering News. See a description of this research at the chemistry department's webpage.