Professor and MSI Associate Fellow Carrie Wilmot (Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics) and her research team recently published an article in Science about a molecular image they have created of a system that moves electronics between proteins in cells. The article appears in the March 12 issue. The University News Service story about this research appears on the UMN website.

A BICB trainee at the University of Minnesota Rochester has won a prestigious IBM Ph.D. Fellowship for work he has done with Blue Gene and MSI on metabolic pathways. MSI provides computational resources to the BICB (Biomedical Informatics and Computational Biology) program and is a partner with the program in a Shared University Research (SUR) Program grant from IBM.

MSI Fellow and Principal Investigator Fotis Sotiropoulos, Director of the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, is leading a team that has recently received a $8 million grant from DOE to study wind energy development. Professor Sotiropoulos leads a consortium made up of researchers from the Institute of Technology, the University of Minnesota Morris, Syracuse University, and Dakota County Technical College. The team will also collaborate with industry. For more information, see this article on the Institute of Technology website.

The NSF is soliciting proposals for computing time on the Blue Waters petascale computing system now under construction at the University of Illinois. The National Institute of General Medical Sciences at NIH is hosting a virtual workshop and applicant briefing on Blue Waters to encourage the development of high-impact community proposals for computing time on this new resource.

The videocast is scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 17, from 1-3 p.m. CST. You will be able to access it at

More information can be found here: https://loop.nigms.

MSI held an Open House on Wednesday, November 4. The event was free and open to the public. Activities included a panel discussion, talks about MSI and supercomputing, software and hardware demonstrations, displays of research at MSI, and tours. For more information, please see the Open House website.