Saad Receives John von Neumann Award

Computer Science

MSI PI Yousef Saad (professor; Computer Science and Engineering) has won the 2023 John von Neumann Award from the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM). This award, which is SIAM’s highest honor and flagship lecture, recognizes outstanding and distinguished contributions to the field of applied mathematics and for the effective communication of these ideas to the community. Professor Saad will give the lecture at the 2023 International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Congress in August 2023. The announcement of the award and lecture appear on the SIAM website: Yousef Saad is the 2023 SIAM John von Neumann Prize Lecturer. A story also appears on the Computer Science and Engineering website: Yousef Saad Wins 2023 SIAM John von Neumann Prize.

Professor Saad is a long-time MSI PI who uses MSI’s supercomputers to develop high-performance software in numerical linear algebra. The Saad group is currently working on projects on numerical methods for eigenvalue problems, the solution of large sparse and dense linear systems, and optimization methods for machine learning.