Studying the Fundamental Science of Waves

MSI PI Doug Arnold (professor, Mathematics) is part of an international collaboration to study the basic science behind waves. The collaboration, which will receive $8 million in funding over four years from the Simons Foundation, is headquartered at the University of Minnesota and includes members from France, the UK, MIT, and UC Santa Barbara. This research seeks a deeper understanding of a wave phenomenon called localization. Eventually, it could have impacts on the design of structures and electronic devices.

An article about the award and the collaboration’s research can be read on the University of Minnesota News website: Researchers receive $8 million to study fundamental science of waves.

Professor Arnold is a long-time MSI PI. His group provides the computation for an interdisciplinary group of mathematicians and physicists who are working to understand Anderson localization, which is the absence of diffusion of waves in a disordered medium.