Three MSI PIs Named Distinguished McKnight University Professors

Three MSI PIs are among the six University faculty members who have been named Distinguished McKnight University Professors. They are:

  • Satish Kumar (Chemical Engineering and Materials Science)      
    • Professor Kumar uses various simulation methods on MSI machines to study the dynamics of polymer solutions, colloidal suspensions, and thin liquid films.
  • Michael Travisano (Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior)    
    • Professor Travisano uses RNA- and DNA-seq techniques to study the molecular basis of the evolution of multicellularity, a major evolutionary transition. 
  • Natalia Tretyakova (Medicinal Chemistry)
    • Professor Tretyakova is involved in proteomics studies to understand epigenetic regulation in human cells and to investigate DNA-protein cross-links that may be involved in cardiotoxicity following myocardial infarction.

The Distinguished McKnight University Professorship program recognizes outstanding faculty member who have recently become full professors. The complete list of this year’s awardees can be found on the Scholars Walk website.