University Partnering With Private Sector to Advance Renewable Electricity

Ecology and Environment

MSI Principal Investigators are among the researchers chosen to receive grants from the Institute on the Environment’s Renewable Electricity for Minnesota’s Future program. The projects are cross-disciplinary and include partners from the private sector.

The following projects include MSI PIs. PI names are in bold. A complete list of the grant awardees can be found on the IonE website.

Grid interface for renewables, storage and green micro-grids

Ned Mohan (Electrical and Computer Engineering); William Robbins; Murti Salapaka (Electrical and Computer Engineering]; Peter Seiler (Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics; IonE Fellow); Sairaj Dhople

Project Partners: Analog Power Devices, Inc.; Cummins Power Generation; U.S. Naval Academy

Controlling wind plant power

Lian Shen (Mechanical Engineering; St. Anthony Falls Laboratory); Michele Guala; Jiarong Hong (Mechanical Engineering; St. Anthony Falls Laboratory); Jeffery Marr; Joseph Nichols; Peter Seiler (Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics; IonE Fellow)

Project Partners: Sandia National Laboratories; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; WindLogics

Pyrite iron disulfide: Low-cost solution for renewable electricity

Eray Aydil; Laura Gagliardi (Chemistry); Chris Leighton

Project Partners: tenK Solar Inc.; Physical Electronics Inc.