Zooniverse Project to Study the Atmosphere of Jupiter


In a new citizen-science project called Jovian Vortex Hunter, anyone can help identify atmospheric vortices on Jupiter. The images were taken by Juno, a probe which reached Jupiter in 2016 and has been sending stunning images of the planet back to Earth. Scientists are interested in the physics behind the many atmospheric vortices found in the Jovian atmosphere. The project is hosted on the citizen-science platform Zooniverse, which was co-founded by MSI PI Lucy Fortson (professor, Physics and Astronomy). The Jovian Vortex Hunter project is led by Dr. Ramanakumar Sankar, who is a member of Professor Fortson’s MSI research group.

A story about this project, including a link to the project on the Zooniverse site, appears on the College of Science and Engineering website: You Can Help Scientists Study the Atmosphere on Jupiter.

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