MSI Principal Investigator Dan Keefe’s work at the LMVL is highlighted in the OVPR’s Research blog. Work on virtual-reality modeling of medical devices by members of Professor Keefe's research group was highlighted in the Fall 2010 MSI Research Bulletin. Another member of Professor Keefe's group, Kyungyoon V. Kim, was a finalist in MSI's 2012 Research Exhibition, which was held on April 13. Ms. Kim presented a poster entitled "Visualizing Ancient Greek Rhetoric in Immersive Virtual Reality."

You can watch a short video about MSI by the Office of Business Relations on the OVPR Business blog.

MSI PI Robert Zink (Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior) is highlighted in a story on the College of Biological Science website. Professor Zink uses his combined expertise in ornithology and outdoor sports to communicate with the non-scientific public in periodicals aimed at outdoor sports enthusiasts.

MSI is pleased to announce the availability of Cascade, our new GPGPU (General Purpose Graphical Processing Unit) resource. For more information, please see our Cascade page and our Cascade Quickstart Guide.

A Q&A with MSI PI Art Erdman (Mechanical Engineering; Director, Medical Devices Center) appears on the OVPR’s Research blog. A story about some of the 3D visualization work done at the LMVL by Professor Erdman, his research group, and his collaborators appeared in the Fall 2010 MSI Research Bulletin.