Message from the Director

The Minnesota Supercomputing Institute (MSI) provides advanced research computing infrastructure and expertise in scientific computing, informatics, and application development to the University of Minnesota research and scholarly community and to external partners across all areas of human inquiry. MSI is a University core resource in Research Computing in the Office of the Vice President for Research, which has made significant and long-standing investments into MSI, recognizing the need for a shared resource to provide the technologies and expertise required for advanced research computing.
Modeling, simulations, and data-intensive computing are today’s focus of high-performance computing and data storage. With its most recent acquisition of Mesabi and additional high-performance storage, MSI provides flexible and adaptable state-of-the-art compute and storage solutions. MSI has the people and the technologies to be at the forefront of advanced research computing to address challenging science and engineering problems. 
Our goals are to: 
  1. Ensure high quality, state of the art computing infrastructure to advance science, engineering, and society through advanced research computing.
  2. Ensure high-quality expertise and capabilities to develop innovative solutions in support of compute- and data-intensive research. 
  3. Partner with the University of Minnesota research and scholarly community and their collaborators to enable projects that require advanced research computing.
  4. Deliver solutions effectively and efficiently and be responsive to user needs.
  5. Provide computational services to users outside of the University of Minnesota.
MSI staff are committed to providing services to the research community for the advancement of research. Please let us know about your experience and how we can improve it.
Claudia Neuhauser, PhD
HHMI and Distinguished McKnight University Professor
Director, Research Computing